Doodle Spc Ed Doodles The American Hero is dedicated to all of the children whose parents are our American  heroes: serving in our Armed Forces and National Guard, as well as rescue workers throughout  our country including law enforcement officers, firefighters, ambulance personnel, and  paramedics.

 A special thanks to my very good friend and former employee, Denise Fleck Sober, who is  married to an Army Ranger. Thanks for letting me know that the children needed books to help  them through the difficult time when their parents are away serving our country.

 A special thanks also to my friend, Kathryn King, who put together Doodles and his friends by  doing the first illustrations with only two weeks notice when I decided to write this book after  talking to Denise on April 8, 2003.


What's Being Said About Doodles: "...excellent aid for parents and counselors to address the absence of a parent who serves the country." - Vaughan Donaldson [designation]

"Finally, an author who realized the need for a children's chapter book that is so helpful in explaining why I am not always home." - Carlos Ortiz Border Patrol Officer Former Marine and State Trooper

"Ms. Clack's book fulfills and exceeds the expectations of a great piece of children's literature by encouraging rich vocabulary development, raising social awareness, and supporting creative and artistic development in young readers." - Sandy Emerson Master of Education with Reading Development Specialization Master Reading Certification, MED

"The talented author of Doodles The American Hero has woven an action-filled tale of lovable family pets who assume human characteristics as they exemplify the traits of responsibility, loyalty, courage, and ultimately patriotism. This delightfully illustrated present-day story of "good versus evil", interspersed with bits of humor, would be an excellent choice for literary discussions with young readers who can identify with sensitive feelings, values, and interpretations." - Virginia Callahan Retired Teacher / Librarian

" I liked every single page. It was so funny" - Phylisha (Age 10)

"What you wrote really made me laugh" - Miguel (Age 10)

"It teaches me not to be scared even when Daddy's gone." - Lexi (Almost 9)

"It is funny and entertaining" - Joshua (Age 10)