About Doodles:

Cynthia Clack reading Doodles to students
On a rainy afternoon several years ago, Cynthia Clack and her nephew, James, decided to write stories. James wrote about his dog, Bear. Since Cynthia has only cats, she decided to write about a friend’s dog, Doodles.

Cynthia’s friend, Jo Lynn Embrey, did not like inside dogs and she hated “the goofy, French” haircut for poodles. When her daughter, Ashley, received a teacup poodle from Dad, Jo Lynn was determined that this little “dude” would look like an American poodle. Cynthia was present during many of Doodles’ antics as she relates them in Doodles the American Poodle.

In her desire to teach children lessons and open the door for discussions between children and parents, educators and counselors, Cynthia uses her incredible imagination to bring Doodles the American Poodle™ to life. Doodles the American Poodle™ becomes a celebrity, a hero, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Doodles The American Hero was written for, and dedicated to, children whose parents serve in the U. S. military. Denise Fleck Sober, whose husband, Joe, is an Army Ranger, was talking to Cynthia about the children whose parents were sent overseas. In our test marketing and reading this manuscript to children from third through fifth grades, the children have responded enthusiastically with great understanding of world events.

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