Doodles Sightings:

August 4, 2007:
Band members of the 4 for Heroes and fans of Doodles participated in a photo shoot for the video, "Hatz Off to Our Heroes." The video production was a lot of fun. It was a great joy the Kermit Volunteer Fire Department, Winkler County Sheriff's Department, an appearance by the author, parents of the fans, the production crew and all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this video happen. Keep visiting the site to see when the video is released.

November 19, 2004:
Ms. Emma Kinnard's fourth grade class at Pease Magnet Communications and Technology School in Midland, Texas. Ms. Clack read Doodles the American Hero and talk to the class about submitting articles for Doodles the American PoodleTM on line magazine.

Ellen Noel Art Museum's eighteenth annual Childrens Sidewalk Art Contest with Kathryn King, Illustrator, Ashley holding Doodles and Cynthia Clack
October 29, 2004:
Ms. Clack read Doodles the American Hero to approximately sixty 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at St. Mary's Central Catholic School in Odessa, Texas.

November 12, 2004:
Ms. Clack read Doodles the American Hero to approximately 70 Third grade students at Hutchinson Elementary School in Colorado City, Texas at the invitation of Dana Partin, Third Grade teacher.

PETsMART in Midland, TX. Grant, Ashley and Doodles
June 12, 2004:
Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, Texas invited Cynthia Clack to read Doodles the American Poodle while the children participating in the “Sidewalk Art Contest” awaited the judges decisions. The manuscript illustrator, Kathryn King, was present. The “real” Ashley and Doodles, upon whom Doodles the American Poodle is based, made an appearance at the art museum.

Ashley and Doodles also made an appearance and signed autographs at PETsMART in Midland, Texas on June 12, 2004 before dashing back to Odessa to meet fans at Sonic Drive-In on Parkway in Odessa.

While at PETsMART, Cynthia Clack, author, Kathryn King, illustrator, and other Doodles friends made a donation to PETsMART Charities.

At Sonic Drive-In, Cynthia Clack, Kathryn King, Ashley and Doodles were joined by five Odessa High School cheerleaders. Ashley’s mom, Jo Lynn Embrey, was present as well as Cynthia’s law staff and ABC2 news crew.

Sonic Drive-In at JBS Parkway in Odessa. TX. Doodles eating ice cream with Ashley. Ashley and Doodles donating a Doodle Check to the OHS Cheerleaders for Summer Cheerleading Camp

PETsMART in Midland, TX. Doodles presents a
donation to PETsMART Charities

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